Monday, September 14, 2020

First Day Back to Work

Children recently prepared for their first day back to school, but I prepared for my first day back to work on Saturday, the 12th.  We welcomed 34 guests to Afternoon Tea at the Whitney, so we're off to a great start.  I've decided I did far too much sitting while scanning and editing those 1,200 old photos, viewing countless negatives, and creating five Shutterfly albums during the five months I was off on COVID-19 shutdown.  In short, I really got out of shape!  I made it through Saturday just fine, but my legs have been protesting ever since!  Muscles were used that have been inactive.  I love my job for several reasons, and one is exercise.

My hubby took my picture before I left for work on Saturday morning [just like I used to do for my kids on their first day of school! ;-)].  My top looks sparkly, but it's really tiny white polka-dots.

I ordered a new pair of black semi-dress Clarks shoes with underfoot cushion for comfort and a 1-inch heel, but they're not comfortable when standing/walking for 4 1/2 hours non-stop on mosaic tiled floors.   I ordered myself a pair of black nurse's shoes this morning!

I recently got a new pair of glasses.  I've worn an assortment of wire frames for years, so decided to get something very different this time.  

And the newest accessory... face masks.  I've tried four different styles, and all of them fog my glasses.  They make me sweat too, but I know they're necessary so I'll work through the challenge.  Below is the one I bought to wear on Saturday.

I thought it was ironic when I saw the inside tab that said 'made in China'.   The country responsible for spreading the COVID-19 virus around the world is now profiting by selling face masks! If I would have known it was made in China before I purchased it, I wouldn't have bought it!

For local readers... The Whitney is having a Teas and Trees event this Saturday, Sept. 19th from 11:00 - 1:30.  The cost is $25.  White Pine Needle herbal tea is very healthy, so owner, Pat Leibler, asked our tea blender, Mary Jones of Intu Tea, to create some blends that will be exclusive to The Whitney.  Guests will be sampling 'Forest' blend [Eastern White Pine and Mason Pine needles with dried elderberries and persimmons] and 'Twist of Pine' [two pine needles blended with Assam black tea with lemon flavoring].  Both will be served hot.  The third tea 'Gathering Pines' [two pine needles mixed with Lemon Lime Soda and Vodka] will be served cold as a cocktail.  Snacks will also be served throughout the tasting.  You can make reservations online by visiting The Whitney website or their Facebook page.  Aside from the health benefits of the tea, Mr. David Whitney made his fortune in white pine lumber, so the blend is a nod to him as well.  

In closing... most of you know I love blue and white china so when I saw this blue and white wedding cake on Facebook recently I had to share it with you.   Isn't it stunning?  Makes me want to get married again [to the same man, of course!].  

I also saw the picture below of a 3-D mural of teacups about to topple over painted on the side of a building in Helsingborg, Sweden by a street artist.  It was posted on Afternoon Tea Across America's Facebook page yesterday.  Love the creativity!


  1. What fun to work at a tea establishment! You look lovely! The teas sound interesting! There is no doubt your legs would give you grief after being shut in for those months. I am shut in most of the time but I get on my stationary recumbent bike most days when I feel up to it. It helps keep the innards in working order since I do a lot of sitting. I like your new glasses! I got new glasses back in January before the shut down began. I haven't worn glasses or contacts in years after my cataract surgery but now my eyes have weakened so I'm back to them. Mine are a lot like yours only a mixture of reds, corals, pinks, and teals. I am having trouble with mine though. I can't read with them so I wear my readers around my neck. Enjoy the tea shop. It sounds wonderful greeting like-minded folks in a cozy environment. Love that mural!

  2. The cake is beautiful, and I saw that same mural picture and loved it. Glad you had a good day back at work but I hope the new shoes will bring you some relief.


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