Thursday, March 26, 2020

Periodic Check-in

Checking in to keep in touch.  All's well in our household for which we thank God. My hubby took the pic below yesterday just before we headed out on our daily walk to get some fresh air and exercise. When we first began our walks it was just around the block, but now we've increased it to 1/2 mile [1 mile round trip].

Other than our walks, we've been homebound in compliance with Governor Whitmer's lockdown.  I continue to occupy myself by scanning old photos.  My hubby says I have enough pictures to scan to go well beyond our confinement, and he's right!  So far my folders are School Days, Christmas, Easter, Birthdays, and Miscellaneous, all thru 1965.  I'm grateful my mom was a picture taker and saved them for posterity.

Here's a few pics from the School Days folder.  Amazingly, I still vividly remember every outfit I was wearing.

Kindergarten 1953

6th Grade Graduation 1959

9th Grade Graduation 1962

High School Graduation 1965

First Piano Recital 1954

My mother even saved the newspaper article about the recital.  I played two pieces which I have long since forgotten, but I do remember my piano teacher, Mrs. Robichaux.  She was our next door neighbor.

That's enough reminiscing.  What have you been doing during your confinement?  As I type this post, Michigan's count for those who have contracted the Coronavirus is at 2,850 with 60 deaths. The number is continually climbing.  I'm glad my trust is in our Sovereign Lord.

I cancelled our church Ladies' Spring Tea this morning and rescheduled it for September 12th.  Hopefully we'll be past the virus crisis by then.

Be safe, stay well, and drink lots of tea!


  1. Hi Phyllis, Thank you for your blog post. I always enjoy reading what is going on in your life, I'm just not one to comment normally. Glad to hear all is well. I'm cooking, doing dishes and applying hand lotion. The bleach is ruining my hands! We are all well.
    Sips and Smiles,

  2. I love all the photos! I don't remember having graduations of any note until I graduated from high school. But what fun to get dressed up and celebrate all the milestones. I certainly had piano recitals (I hated them) but don't recall any photos being taken. Just memories of how hard it was (still is) for me to memorize piano music. Thankfully my teacher realized that (finally) and let me use the music when I was in high school. I didn't hate the recitals so much after that! And now I play in church and always use the music.

  3. what a great project for these long days


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