Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Tea Advent Calendar

I've never had a Tea Advent Calendar before, so it's been a fun experience each morning opening the compartment containing a new tea for the day.

Day 2 was Vanilla Rooibos.  Rooibos is a caffeine-free herbal tea, also known as red tea grown in South Africa.  To me, rooibos is an acquired taste and my taste buds aren't quite there yet, but I drank it anyway because it's very healthy.

Day 3 was English Breakfast - a popular, robust black tea guaranteed to get the morning off to a good start.

This morning's tea [day 4] was Chestnut Tea - my favorite so far.  When I opened the package a wonderful aroma wafted out.  It's a black tea with chestnut flavoring - perfect for the holidays.

On another subject... in October I saw a gold shears bangle bracelet by Lux Additions advertised on Facebook.  I thought it would make a perfect Christmas gift for my beautician. It was comparable in price to the Luca and Danni bracelets, so I ordered one on October 31st.  They billed me promptly the same day, but I waited and waited for its arrival.  The two Luca and Danni bracelets I ordered for Christmas gifts arrived within a week, but I think the shears bangle bracelet literally came by a slow boat from China!  It finally arrived yesterday.  I'm not sure of its quality, but it will be a cute extra with her cash gift.

How's your Christmas shopping progressing?


  1. Adorable bracelet. I do think shipments from China are taking longer. I ordered some inexpensive bangles to compliment a stained glass project. I had all but given up hope when they arrived.

    I enjoy hearing about your tea advent calendar. I may just order one for next year. I agree about the roobius. I had ordered it once (since it was all that was available at a specialty restaurant. I drank it, but I was not a fan. The chestnut sounds wonderful!

  2. Your tea calendar looks so inviting. I love it. The shears bracelet is so cute!

  3. What a great idea to have a tea Advent calendar. it is lovely. Enjoy all the different teas. I have almost finished my Christmas shopping. We purchased our 8 foot tree today. It smells heavenly.

  4. The daily teas sound fun! And I think that bangle is a perfect gift for your hairdresser, I'm glad it finally made its way to you.


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