Monday, October 17, 2016

Belated Birthday Wishes

Since I was forced to interrupt my MI Tea Tour posts with computer woes [I have since purchased a new computer], I didn't want to interrupt a second time to wish my youngest son, Jeremy, and his daughter, Isabella, a Happy Birthday on September 29th.  It's so special when father and daughter share the same birthday. Samantha [Jeremy's wife] gave him the best birthday present he'll ever receive when she gave him Izzy! Even though today's post is belated I wanted to share our celebration with them.

It's hard to believe Izzy is 11 now and in middle school.  Below is her 2016-17 school picture.

She had an assortment of birthday presents in her gift bag, but I think the expression on her face revealed she liked the outfit from Justice best of all.  She's growing up when she likes clothes more than girly toys.  Landon and Ellie looked on with approval.

Jerry made Michigan State Corn Hole Boards for for Jeremy's birthday gift.  They'll be perfect for tailgating.  As you can see in the photo below Landon's corn bag toss is in mid-air.

As Bill Murray says in one of Jeremy's favorite comedy movies, What About Bob?, below is a picture of "the fam".  ;-)

I baked a triple chocolate cake for the happy occasion.  Jeremy's favorite is Boston Cream Pie, but because of transporting it over an hour away I opted for a cake that would travel easier and wouldn't require refrigeration.

~ The birthday duo. ~

~ Make a wish and blow out the candles! ~

I love this family!


  1. The corn hole game boards are "perfect"

  2. Happy birthday to father and daughter! Loved the picture of "the fam".

  3. Happy Birthday to your two loved ones!

    Wanna know something weird? Today is MY daughter's birthday and her newborn's 3 month birthday, too!

    (Also my late Aunt Bettye's birthday, God rest her soul.)

    Izzy is a stunning beauty! WOW!


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