Sunday, May 1, 2016

Sunday Reflection...

The 142nd Kentucky Derby is this coming Friday and Saturday [May 6 and 7th].  In 2015 I read a devotion by Missey Butler that is perfect for today's post.

Missey quoted an unnamed person as saying, "All of us, in our natural state, are just like wild stallions, and until we are completely broken, we are incapable of being fully used by God."

In a paraphrased excerpt she went on to say: Within the confined and dusty stable, the grueling process takes place.  The one-on-one fight for domination can seem to be an unrelenting struggle, a futile fight to the very end... but finally the exhausting struggle is over. The horse quietly succumbs to a place of humble submission, and then a beautiful sight begins to unfold. Gradually, as the horse becomes more responsive to the voice and lead of his master, a new nature emerges, one that is so sensitive that it becomes possible to guide the stallion by reins made of silk threads.  The horse's senses are so fine-tuned to his master's desires that all that is needed is the slightest turn of the wrist, a pull of the silken threads, and the horse obediently follows.

Oh to be that submissive and sensitive to my Master that I obediently follow His leading.

May God bless your week!


  1. Thank you for this image, especially this week!

  2. What a great application! Thanks for sharing this.


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