Monday, August 4, 2014

O'Mara's July Boston Tea Party

I'm still going to the hospital everyday to visit my mother, so my blog posts may continue to be sporadic, but I will post as often as possible.

My girlfriend and I had prepaid to attend O'Mara's July tea before my mother was hospitalized, and I was happy it worked out for us to keep the reservation.   July's theme was "Boston Tea Party."

~ The Patriotic Tablescape ~ 

The July 29th tea [the last one in the July series], wasn't a sell-out, but attendance was good.

It's customary for O'Mara's to serve their scones as part of the dessert course, but they switched it around for July's tea, and began with Pecan Scones.  The tea selections were Tropical Green, English Breakfast, and Raspberry Iced Tea.  I chose Tropical Green, and it was excellent.

The soup course featured Boston Baked Bean Soup with Sausage, and it too was delicious.

The savory/sandwich coarse consisted of Tarragon Egg Salad on Sour Dough Bread, Turkey and Cranberry Walnut Mustard, with Greens on Corn Bread; and a Chive Biscuit with Ham and Molasses.

Baked Brie topped with Mince Meat and wrapped in Puff Pastry was served with Fresh Fruit and Crackers.  I never thought I liked Mince Meat, but it was very tasty with the Brie. 

Next came a yummy corn meal crust Chicken Pot Pie.  

The dessert course included an Apple Dumpling served with Vanilla Ice Cream and a piece of Chocolate Gingerbread dusted with cinnamon powdered sugar.  No one can ever complain about leaving O'Mara's hungry!  The Sons of Liberty would have been physically fortified to carry out the Boston Tea Party after a meal like this!

It was a delightful afternoon spent with my girlfriend, Sandy.

[L-R:  Sandy and Me]


  1. Yummy, another fabulous tea enjoyed. I'll include your mother in my prayers Phyllis.

  2. Thanks for the update on your mom (I have her in my prayers), and I'm glad you and Sandy got to enjoy teatime! O'Mara's continues to impress with these great menus!

  3. Yes, my best thoughts to you and your mom!

  4. Sorry to hear that your Mom is ill.

    That tea looks wonderful. I would have enjoyed all of it, especially that brie and mincement in pastry.


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