Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Fortnum & Mason and Prince George's 1st Birthday

The luxury department store, Fortnum & Mason, is said to be the Queen's favorite store, and is referred to as her grocer.  I signed up for F & M's e-mail newsletters, and a recent one featured their "Butterfly Collection" teaware.

[Photos courtesy of Fortnum & Mason's Website]

In honor of Prince George's one year old birthday yesterday, his parents released photos of him taken at the Sensational Butterfly Exhibition at London's Natural History Museum.

[Internet Photo]

News sources said his birthday celebration would be a small affair at Kensington Palace with tea, lots of cake, and sentimental gifts.  Wonder if Fortnum and Mason sent over a few Butterfly Collection teacups for the royal birthday party?  

Guests include Great-Grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, six month old 2nd cousin, Mia Tindall [daughter of Zara Phillips], Uncle Harry, Middleton grandparents and relatives, and god parents.

I loved Darren McGrady's cookie portrait of the little Prince.  McGrady was a Buckingham Palace chef before he became Princess Diana's chef at Kensington Palace.

[Photos courtesy of Darren McGrady]

[Internet Photo]

 Happy 1st Birthday Prince George!


  1. The prince is adorable, and that china is beautiful!

  2. Isn't he sweet, and already on the cover of many magazines. Do I ever like the teapot from this pattern!

  3. So the Queen shares my fondness for this store, eh? (Ha!) What I like most about all the photos of Prince George is that he seems like such a happy little boy!


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