Friday, March 7, 2014

Royal Tea Room

I recently learned about a scone shop called Just Delicious Scones, that relocated to a larger building, and is now a tea room called Royal Tea Room, located in the neighboring city of Roseville. They don't have a website, but they do have a Facebook page.  For local readers, their address is 28750 Utica Road.  

I decided to check it out this afternoon.

A small group was having a tea party that was just concluding.

A lovely lady named Gail was working.  She remembered me from when I worked at Tea by Three tea room.  I called ahead to ask permission to take pictures for my blog, and the owner graciously granted permission.  It's a cute tea room that accommodates 40, but can squeeze in 50.

Scones and unique baked goods are their specialty, and they outsource them to local food establishments.

I decided to purchase a scone to go.  I asked Gail which scone was the best seller, and she said the very first scone the owner made was cranberry-apricot, so that's the one I got. Their scones sell for $.75 each.   I definitely plan to return with my girlfriend for tea and scones in the near future.

They carry a wide variety of boxed teas.

When I got home the cranberry-apricot scone made the perfect treat with a cup of apricot tea.

It was yummy!


  1. Lucky you to find yet another tea room, your scone sounds delicious. I wonder if the tea capes were just something to fancy up a dress for afternoon tea? Kind of like adding a lace collar?

  2. Cute tea room! Lucky you, to have another tea opportunity in your area.

  3. What a cute place -- and what a bargain on the scones!


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