Friday, January 27, 2012

Movies, Tea, and Teacups

Earlier this week my husband and I went to see the film, Iron Lady.  I like tea scenes in movies, and British films usually provide them.   Iron Lady was no exception.  Margaret Thatcher [brilliantly portrayed by Meryl Streep] asks the question in one scene, "Shall I be mother [and pour the tea]?"

In another scene depicting Thatcher's younger years, she declares to Denis [the man she married], "One's life has got to matter.  I can't die washing up a teacup!"  In a closing scene, she's alone in her kitchen, afflicted with Alzheimer's, washing a teacup.  Life, for her, had almost come full circle. 

On the way home from the theater, my memory drifted back to the time when my perception of  a teacup became far more than a pretty drinking vessel.

I worked as a church secretary for 22 years [church pictured above], and resigned in 2004 to begin a new chapter in my life - tea!  My years of service were recognized on a Sunday morning, and the church paid my way to a tea related training conference  they knew  I was planning to attend.  Spontaneous speaking in front of hundreds of people isn't my forte, but as I stepped to the podium the analogy of a teacup came to  mind and  I shared why I wanted my life to be like the teacups I would be demonstrating in my new job.  

[1] A genuine bone China teacup is translucent and lets light shine through.     
[2] Teacups are bi-functional.  They receive and they dispense.
[3] Teacups, especially with frequent use, have flaws yet they remain useful and fulfill their purpose.

Application: May Jesus shine through me to dispense His love, even though I'm an imperfect vessel!


  1. Phyllis,
    Congrats on your tea blog. What an inspiring analogy!
    Sips and Smiles

  2. Fun and inspirational post, Blessings to you, Phyllis!

  3. Hi, Phyllis! Thanks for your encouraging comment on my blog! And thank you for this movie review...I need to get myself to see it.

  4. PS - I'll add you to my blog roll!

  5. An enlightened analogy indeed. Tea cups have long inspired many of the wonderful things in the lives of those that lifted a cup in friendship.

    Mary Jane

  6. very interesting!! :) i´m Mar, from Spain :)

  7. What great spiritual applications regarding teacups -- hope you don't mind if I borrow these (with credit!) next time I'm asked to speak at a church. And I appreciate your "Iron Lady" review. Now I'm itching to go see it myself!


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